Amy Knight: chapter 3

Chapter 3: Alarms

It was around 4:30pm, Kai Silber was working on upgrading the internet security system when the alarms began to ring with a piercing annoyance. He was already nursing a head ache from the long night of computer upgrades for his mother and the high pitched alarms weren’t helping.

He couldn’t believe that he had come all the way from Massachusetts to Ottawa for his mother’s birthday and instead of spending time with family, he was fixing the computers of Parliament Hill. Madeline had requested it as her birthday present so Kai was unable to refuse, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

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Amy knight: chapter 2

Target: Evasion

Amy had turned expecting to find a masked woman dressed in black or something along those lines…something she can hit. Instead, She saw nothing. Amy hadn’t being blinded, she could still see the bookshelf, the desk and the rest of the prim and proper office. An illusion perhaps?

“…no…invisibility suit” Amy mutters, closing her eyes and focused her attention on her olfactory senses.

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Amy Knight

Chapter 1- The Kill

I'll be drawing my own cover soon! so for now i thought this image fit the idea perfectly!
I’ll be drawing my own cover soon! so for now i thought this image fit the idea perfectly!

The cramped space was unbearably hot…too humid and growing hotter with every passing second. It’s almost too much to handle for the young Amy Knight. Her sweat caused her clothing to stick to her skin, she hated the feeling. However it can’t be helped because Amy was hiding, if she got out now all will be for nought, she has to fulfill her mission. This was the final stage after all, she only needed to confirm with her own eyes that the Prime minister drank the tea she had laced with poison.

Is it difficult being an assassin? Of course, it’s not only not as exciting as most people are lead to believe, it is also a certainty that you will get into uncomfortable situations like this one.

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