Amy Knight: Chapter 6


BLOOD-BLOOD-BLOOD-BLOOD, now the only word polluting his thoughts.

Kai inhaled, choking back a sob. He slowly stood up on wobbly legs barely able to support his weight and overwhelming emotions…but still, he stumbled towards the stall…

Needing to confirm with his eyes…

Needing to feel her…

Needing to know…

Kai rested one hand on the wall and placed the other on the stall door, trying to mentally prepare himself for the truth.

Outside, people were in a state of panic, Kai was disturbing a crime scene, and more importantly it would be to traumatizing for the young man. Senator Kevin McCartney who had helped Madeline with adopting Kai and had known him since he was 6 years old kicked at the door while yelling for him to get out. In panic Madeline’s secretary, Fiona Park, a young woman of Korean decent and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, who secretly found Kai charming and talented screamed for the janitor “FIND THE KEY! FIND THE KEY!” However, to Kai at that moment, it was all just a sea of noise.

The hinges creaked as kai slowly pushed the door open, he flinched and pulled back slightly as the strong metallic scent of blood hit him. He was not unfamiliar with blood but he had not smelled it so strongly before, he gritted his teeth and pushed the door further in wards.

 No mental preparation could prepare him for what he now saw…
BLOOD was everywhere.

The body…Madeline….sat in a pool of her own blood, leaning against the toilet with the looseness of an unsupported marionette doll. Contorted and bent at awkward angles, the right arm and both legs clearly broken. Her blouse which had being a pristine white was now red, some sections darker than others. The visible skin around her neck was painted rouge by the thick blood, and near her jugular, a clear and deep cut, a much darker red than the rest of the skin could be seen, Madeline had obviously bled out. But the worst part wasn’t her broken body or the substantial amount of blood, it was Madeline’s face.

It was clean, only a small smudge of blood near her jaw line, but that only made it worse, because she was still recognizable.

Except now, all her warmth and joy was gone, with all the blood drained, her face was now ashy grey and her expression was of abject horror. O was the shape her mouth formed, as if she was trying to cry out…and she probably would have if not for the dirty piece of cloth stuffed into her mouth.

Her eyebrows were scrunched up in pain…but worst of it all were the Eyes.

They were still open blank and glazed over…soulless. The eyes are the windows to the soul…that famous quote has never being truer, because looking into Madeline’s half open eyes, you could tell that she no longer had a soul.

 All that Kai felt at that moment could be summed up in one word…Horror 


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