Amy Knight: Chapter 5


He pulled with all his might, trying to break free from their tight hold on his arms and shoulders. Nails dug into his clothes and skin but he could barely feel it…it was dull compared to the crushing pain he felt in his heart.

He finally managed to rip a hand away while a security guard was trying to block him, in response he lashed out his hand and left a deep gash on the guard’s face. But he wasn’t aware.

His clothes began tearing at the seams from the struggle against all the once familiar faces and hands trying to prevent him from knowing…perhaps for his own good, he realized later on, but at that moment they were all just obstacles blocking him.

In the distance sirens rang

Understanding that it would be too late when the police came, he ripped off his blazer as a last ditch effort and jerked away from all the grasping hands. That blazer had being a graduation gift from Madeline, it was tailor made and fitted him perfectly. “Well don’t you look dashing?” she had said with a wink when he tried it on “the girls will be fawning all over you” her voice echoed in his mind and his heart clenched in pain.

Kai ran with all his might, tears streaked across his face, unable to breathe as a haggard sound came from the depth of his throat, screaming “MOM”

Rushing to the washroom, he pushed the door open with all his might that it banged against the inner wall. Instincts taking over he moved to secure the door, slamming it shut and locking it. The now locked door banged as someone’s body rammed it from the other side, the impact sent shudders through Kai, momentarily losing strength in his legs he sunk onto his knees.

His subconscious blocked the sounds of voices and sirens from outside, his hand, still on the lock…trembled. Clenching his fists, he dug his nails into his own skin to stop the shaking of his hand, the pain momentarily distracted him from his inner turmoil, but it was fleeting.

Turning his head slowly and painfully away from the door, He faced the washroom stalls. This been a unisex washroom, there were 2 stalls. The first stall door was still open with nothing out of the ordinary…the second stall however was shut…small bits of dark liquid seeping through the crack of the washroom door.


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