Amy Knight Chapter 4

In Memory of Her

He kicked, pushed and pulled, while they tried to hold him back, but he wouldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop, he had to find out the truth…he had to see for himself.

Disgruntling, the memories of their times together flashed in and out of his mind, he was unable to think of anything else. Becoming numb with unawareness except in memory of her…

He remembered a time without her, in an orphanage without hope…until she became his light

He remembered the first time she held out her hand to him…her big warm hands in his little ones

He remembered not accepting her at first…he had being rejected too often

He remembered opening up to her love…hugging her for the first time

He remembered her warmth…

He remembered all that she had given to him…

The last time he hugged her and kissed her cheek…she had gotten older but to him she was still the most beautiful woman on the planet.

“MOTHER!” He screamed, why had he never said it to her? Why? It’s too late now isn’t it?

Brows furrowing, eyes red, face contorted in horror…tears streaming down his face.

Why won’t they let me see her?


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