I Have a Problem: It’s called Procrasti-Nation


“The first step to fixing your problem is to admit that you have a problem.” 

While this is true and I seem to have already taken this first step…I still have not progressed on to the second step. In fact, I probably took two steps back the minuet I began this blog post…

I have a 8 page essay due tomorrow on Gangs and Agnew’s general strain theory…but I can’t seem to bring myself to complete it! In fact… I’m still, only on the 3rd page.

Ironically…I AM spending time writing…just not on the essay!

I think I have found myself lost in Procrasti-Nation…the land, in which all its inhabitants spend majority of their time been unproductive. While even more ironically still, distract themselves from the trepidation of impending due dates.

Do you think I can sneakily stay in Procrasti-Nation without the authorities finding out that I haven’t applied for a work visa?

Or do you think the authorities of Procrasti-Nation will kick me out at the last possible second to fend for myself in the cruel academic world?

This is life’s unanswerable question.

Disclaimer 1: I’m sorry to those who were enticed by Jae’s beauty. I know my procrastination has nothing to do with him >.> It’s only there to illustrate how trapped i feel
Disclaimer 2: I’m even more sorry to those of you who don’t know who Jaejoong is…because you probably think it’s porn. It’s JUST from the most beautiful MV ever!


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