Amy knight: chapter 2

Target: Evasion

Amy had turned expecting to find a masked woman dressed in black or something along those lines…something she can hit. Instead, She saw nothing. Amy hadn’t being blinded, she could still see the bookshelf, the desk and the rest of the prim and proper office. An illusion perhaps?

“…no…invisibility suit” Amy mutters, closing her eyes and focused her attention on her olfactory senses.

The unique scent of Shea butter wafted from the direction of the window. Amy shifted her foot and twisted her torso, aiming her pistol towards the smell. She hesitates, now understanding why the woman had moved towards the window. If she shoots and misses, the sound of the glass shattering would alert the guards.

“Che…annoying” Amy said as she narrowed her eyes. She made the quick decision to put the pistols back into their holsters, unsheathing her knife in the process.

The invisible woman isn’t stupid either, she quickly opened the window and as she jumped out Amy felt the Shea scented breeze blow past her. Amy rushed towards the window and made it just in time to see a small flurry of dust where the woman landed from the 3 story jump.

“Damn it…!” Amy swore and gave the wall a quick powerful kick, leaving her foot in sore pain. The pain calmed and she was able to think more clearly.

Amy shifted her eyes towards the door feeling unsettled “What did she mean by finished my job for me?”


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