Amy Knight

Chapter 1- The Kill

I'll be drawing my own cover soon! so for now i thought this image fit the idea perfectly!
I’ll be drawing my own cover soon! so for now i thought this image fit the idea perfectly!

The cramped space was unbearably hot…too humid and growing hotter with every passing second. It’s almost too much to handle for the young Amy Knight. Her sweat caused her clothing to stick to her skin, she hated the feeling. However it can’t be helped because Amy was hiding, if she got out now all will be for nought, she has to fulfill her mission. This was the final stage after all, she only needed to confirm with her own eyes that the Prime minister drank the tea she had laced with poison.

Is it difficult being an assassin? Of course, it’s not only not as exciting as most people are lead to believe, it is also a certainty that you will get into uncomfortable situations like this one.

A few months ago, Amy was just a normal high school girl. The Organization, recruited her for her athleticism and quick reflexes and this was her second “case” after her record breaking 3 month training period. She was originally quite excited, who wouldn’t be…she had assumed her life would suddenly be like an action packed movie. But her first job ended with no excitement, and it looks like this one will as well.

Seriously, what’s taking so long? Madeline Silber should be back from her “sudden” washroom break by now, Amy couldn’t take much more of this heat but there isn’t even a slight tap of a pair of high heeled shoes coming down the corridor. Should she open the open a flap and take a peek around the office? However it’s quite the risk…after all the box that Amy had hid in was still taped and if Madeline noticed any changes it could ruin everything.

Amy pursed her lips and furrowed her brows in frustration, her rhythmic breathing echoed in her ears. Perhaps it is just her imagination but her breathing seems to have grown louder and as if no other sound existed, encompassing her uncomfortably.

“That is it!” she mumbled under her breath, took out her lipstick switchblade and slit the tape on the box with a quick swipe of her wrists.

She stood up and took a deep breath, “ah…fresh air…”

That’s when something cold pressed against her jugular vein.  Amy froze, knowing any sudden movements would mean her death.

“Amy, Amy, Amy…you are talented, but oh so green,” a melodious female voice said from behind her, the knife moved in rhythm with the woman’s voice.

Amy clenched he death, “Who are you?” she asked coldly.

“Oh my, how scary” the women’s voice mocked. “Don’t worry, I’m not your enemy…at least not tonight. You know, I even completed your job for you…” she said as she laughed under her breath. Amy wasn’t about to let this opportunity go, she fell backwards hitting the woman’s arm, knocking the knife out of the way. She then jumped out of the box, swung around and faced her enemy whipping out her twin pistols.


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