Taser Usage Sparks Controversy; But is it a Result of a Deeper Problem?


Retrieved from Guardian

The use of tasers by police has increased over the past few years. In England and Wales during the first 6 months of 2014 tasers were fired over 5000 times.10 Predictably the growth of taser usage is of course coupled with a growing controversy. One side proposes that tasers are non-lethal, less-lethal or sub-lethal in comparison to a multitude of other technologies that are utilised by police.5 However it would be difficult to deny that the use of tasers do occasionally lead to serious injury or death.

In 2013 Israel Hernandez-Llach, a young graffiti artist from Miami died after he was caught and tased in the chest by police after running away from the scene.6 And just recently on the 8th of august, Troy Robinson, a black man in Atlanta died because he was tased while Robinson attempted to scale a wall resulting in him falling and hitting his head.1 These fatalities are in some way linked to taser usage. Although in the case of Troy Robinson, his death wasn’t directly caused by being tased. And in many ways the tasing of both people was justified since both had ran away from police arrest. In fact, the Miami officer who fired the taser at Hernandez-Llach’s was just ruled as not responsible because it was an unforeseeable accident,5 since not all shocks to the chest area is fatal.4

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Amy Knight: Chapter 6


BLOOD-BLOOD-BLOOD-BLOOD, now the only word polluting his thoughts.

Kai inhaled, choking back a sob. He slowly stood up on wobbly legs barely able to support his weight and overwhelming emotions…but still, he stumbled towards the stall…

Needing to confirm with his eyes…

Needing to feel her…

Needing to know…

Kai rested one hand on the wall and placed the other on the stall door, trying to mentally prepare himself for the truth.

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Amy Knight: Chapter 5


He pulled with all his might, trying to break free from their tight hold on his arms and shoulders. Nails dug into his clothes and skin but he could barely feel it…it was dull compared to the crushing pain he felt in his heart.

He finally managed to rip a hand away while a security guard was trying to block him, in response he lashed out his hand and left a deep gash on the guard’s face. But he wasn’t aware.

His clothes began tearing at the seams from the struggle against all the once familiar faces and hands trying to prevent him from knowing…perhaps for his own good, he realized later on, but at that moment they were all just obstacles blocking him.

In the distance sirens rang

Understanding that it would be too late when the police came, he ripped off his blazer as a last ditch effort and jerked away from all the grasping hands. That blazer had being a graduation gift from Madeline, it was tailor made and fitted him perfectly. “Well don’t you look dashing?” she had said with a wink when he tried it on “the girls will be fawning all over you” her voice echoed in his mind and his heart clenched in pain.

Kai ran with all his might, tears streaked across his face, unable to breathe as a haggard sound came from the depth of his throat, screaming “MOM”

Rushing to the washroom, he pushed the door open with all his might that it banged against the inner wall. Instincts taking over he moved to secure the door, slamming it shut and locking it. The now locked door banged as someone’s body rammed it from the other side, the impact sent shudders through Kai, momentarily losing strength in his legs he sunk onto his knees.

His subconscious blocked the sounds of voices and sirens from outside, his hand, still on the lock…trembled. Clenching his fists, he dug his nails into his own skin to stop the shaking of his hand, the pain momentarily distracted him from his inner turmoil, but it was fleeting.

Turning his head slowly and painfully away from the door, He faced the washroom stalls. This been a unisex washroom, there were 2 stalls. The first stall door was still open with nothing out of the ordinary…the second stall however was shut…small bits of dark liquid seeping through the crack of the washroom door.

Amy Knight Chapter 4

In Memory of Her

He kicked, pushed and pulled, while they tried to hold him back, but he wouldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop, he had to find out the truth…he had to see for himself.

Disgruntling, the memories of their times together flashed in and out of his mind, he was unable to think of anything else. Becoming numb with unawareness except in memory of her…

He remembered a time without her, in an orphanage without hope…until she became his light

He remembered the first time she held out her hand to him…her big warm hands in his little ones

He remembered not accepting her at first…he had being rejected too often

He remembered opening up to her love…hugging her for the first time

He remembered her warmth…

He remembered all that she had given to him…

The last time he hugged her and kissed her cheek…she had gotten older but to him she was still the most beautiful woman on the planet.

“MOTHER!” He screamed, why had he never said it to her? Why? It’s too late now isn’t it?

Brows furrowing, eyes red, face contorted in horror…tears streaming down his face.

Why won’t they let me see her?

Pride and Prejudice: Part 1

The Prejudice surrounding genderfication in East Asian culture

As I have being going to school I have lived with international students who are primarily Chinese. Where as I have a much more westernized up bring, while still having respect for traditional east asian culture I can’t help but notice some very interesting characteristics and behaviours. All of which greatly interests me but a few can really hit a nerve…or hit a funny bone to be more specific, since it doesn’t really hurt but anyone can attest to its annoyance.

I think my biggest pet peeve is probably the outrageous double standards present. On great! You must think, more feminism.

Yep! You can say it’s feminism but it’s also much more while at the same time…much less.

Sometimes feminism is a touchy topic…

Oh who am I kidding! Most of the time it is a touchy topic!

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I Have a Problem: It’s called Procrasti-Nation


“The first step to fixing your problem is to admit that you have a problem.” 

While this is true and I seem to have already taken this first step…I still have not progressed on to the second step. In fact, I probably took two steps back the minuet I began this blog post…

I have a 8 page essay due tomorrow on Gangs and Agnew’s general strain theory…but I can’t seem to bring myself to complete it! In fact… I’m still, only on the 3rd page.

Ironically…I AM spending time writing…just not on the essay!

I think I have found myself lost in Procrasti-Nation…the land, in which all its inhabitants spend majority of their time been unproductive. While even more ironically still, distract themselves from the trepidation of impending due dates.

Do you think I can sneakily stay in Procrasti-Nation without the authorities finding out that I haven’t applied for a work visa?

Or do you think the authorities of Procrasti-Nation will kick me out at the last possible second to fend for myself in the cruel academic world?

This is life’s unanswerable question.

Disclaimer 1: I’m sorry to those who were enticed by Jae’s beauty. I know my procrastination has nothing to do with him >.> It’s only there to illustrate how trapped i feel
Disclaimer 2: I’m even more sorry to those of you who don’t know who Jaejoong is…because you probably think it’s porn. It’s JUST from the most beautiful MV ever!